Ellen van Brandenburg

Hello everone, my name is Ellen and I am a buddy within the buddy system. Originally I am from Gelderland and I studied in Eindhoven. For my work I ended up in Limburg and I now live in Geleen for already seven years.

I live together with Bart and our three kids. I work as a manager in de fertilizers factory from OCI on Chemelot.

In my scarce spare time I play squash and I like to hike through the hills of Limburg. I like to work in our garden and I sew clothes. Next to that I like to go to the theatre, a concert or a festival.

I became a buddy to meet new people and help them finding their way in Limburg, just as I had to do 18 years ago. Feel free to contact me!

Languages: I speak Dutch and English, and I understand German

Expertise: Dutch language, sports, gardening, culture, music

“A buddy helps you find your way around the city.”

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