Event calendar – Carnival 2023

February 12 at 13h33
City Center Sittard

One week before ‘vastelaovend’, carnival festivities in Sittard begin with the children’s parade. This procession passes through the city center. All children will be dressed up and face painted.

February 16 at 20h33
van ‘t Auwt Wief
Market Square + City Center Sittard

Back in the days, women were dressed up as elderly ladies and were completely unrecognizable. Their husbands would go find their spouses at the bar. At midnight, the women took off their masks so their husbands could recognize them.

February 17 at 14h11
Market Square Sittard

Every Friday afternoon before ‘vastelaovend’ we celebrate student carnival at the Market Square in Sittard. It’s mostly celebrated by high school students. 

February 18 (sold out)
‘t Kanon van ‘t Balkon
Market Square Sittard

Largest carnival festivity in Sittard. Local famous artists are performing at the Market Square. Starting this year you need a ticket to be able to attend this event. Unfortunately it is already sold out. 

February 19 at 12h55
Grote Vastelaovesoptoch

City Center Sittard

Sunday is the official beginning of vastelaovend and it starts off with a colorful parade. The highlight of the carnival festivities is the Carnival Parade, in which a tour of large floats organised by local carnival associations pokes fun at established authorities and social conventions.

February 19 at 14h11
City Center Geleen

The Waereldsjtadvastelaovesoptoch takes place in Geleen on Sunday February 19 and starts at 13h49.

February 20
Waereldsjtad Kènjeroptoch
City Center Geleen

On Monday February 20 the kids carnival parade, known as Waereldsjtad Kènjeroptoch passes through the city center of Geleen and starts at 14h11.

February 20 at 14h11
Market Square
+ City Center Sittard

Since over 25 years, ‘Vastelaovesmaondig has been the day of the ‘Zittesje kapelle and Zaate hermeniekes’ – Sittard harmonic and drunk orchestra. It starts at the Market Square and they perform througout the entire city center in front of all the bar. Everyone owning an instrument is welcome to join.    

February 21 – 14h to 16h
Market Square + City Center Sittard

At Vastelaovesdaensdig, is the day of the  ‘Appelsienesjmiete’ is being organised on ‘vastelaovesdaensdig’. Literally translated as ‘throwing oranges’. Masked people will be throwing oranges into the crowd for all the children. This year there is a new event: Kènjer Carnivale with sing-a-longs, a DJ, dancers and much more. 

February 21 at 22h40
Maske begrave 
Market Square + Kloosterplein Sittard

To celebrate the end of vastelaovend, masks will be ‘burried’. At 22h15 everyone comes together at the Market Square. Around 22h40 a sad melody starts playing at the balcony of Café De Kroon. A parade is heading towards the Kloosterplein where people can pay their last respect to the Mask. 

February 22
Market Square
+ City Center Sittard

The Wednesday after vastelaovend is called ‘Aswoensdag’. It’s a catholic tradition where during the 40 days after Carnival, people will fasten. Wednesday evening, during the mass at the church, there will be a distribution of the ashes 

Listen and sing along with typical ‘carnival’ music:

Spik & Span: Kampioene van de Nach, Blieve

Björn & Mieke: 1000 sterre, Droeëme mit de oeëge oop 

Beppie Kraft: Iech bin zoe verleef, In d’n Hiemel 

Cyrille Niel: Duuje, ‘t Haw Zo Sjoon Kenne Zeen

De Marotte: Alaaf alaaf de Marotte 

Pruuf Mar (winner of this years Vastelaovends song contest): Ojjem blieve Hale 


Pictures: vastelaovendinzitterd.nl

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