Noah Vladimir Hirsch Trembovolsky

Allow me to introduce myself, for sure you can also look through my LinkedIn profile.

I am a father, entrepreneur, Stadmaker, and expat. Born in Minsk, Belarus, spent half of my life in Moscow, Russia followed by a relocation to Sittard in September 2020 with my wife.

Where as an entrepreneur I went through all the hassles of relocation and setting up with a family during COVID-19.

I am proud father of a boy born in Heerlen, amateur cyclist and sailor, making the world a better place through entrepreneurship.

I am in Sittard as we identified Chemelot and Brightlands as the best place for my company ETB Global, a startup working in the field of biobased chemicals and sustainability of the petrochemical industry. 

I am also founder and CEO of ISLA, startup accelerator and VC firm in Russia and Netherlands with the aim to give every entrepreneur access to tools for the success of the business.

Feel free to reach me if you want me to be you buddy, or just for a talk or question!

Languages: I speak English, Russian and Belarusian

Expertise: entrepreneurship, sustainability, finding solutions to anything, cycling and sailing

“A buddy helps you find your way around the city.”

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